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About Us

Marion  Tiki Co

Our company was started with the idea of bringing recycled items back to life. We primarily use reclaimed materials from rivers, shorelines, and landfills. We personally grow and locally harvest all our bamboo on site. All our products are either handmade in-house, refurbished and/or locally sourced from the Central Florida area. We are a company that embraces the coastal lifestyle of our sunshine state. We thrive on creating one-of-a-kind Tiki Treasures that cannot be bought anywhere else.

History TIki

The History of the Tiki Sign

The Tiki Sign is an Age-Old commodity in the Pacific Islands. The locals are known to love where they live a little too much and tend to get tipsy on more occasions than not! The Tiki Sign was designed to help the locals get home after leaving the beach or bar scene by telling them basic directions so they can go stumbling along their way.

Travelers soon became huge fans, as it was unlike anything they had ever seen in the city. Signs that were hand painted and made from scraps of wood were found off the island. I started my company with the idea of bringing your travel memories home, so we never forget where we’ve been or where we want to go!


A Recycling Company

Last year, landfills received 13.5 MILLION TONS of wood.

Help us change the statistics and keep useful materials out of the landfills. Buy Recycled.

Here at MAC we are a full fledged recycling company. We use recycled materials in every single one of our products. Our Mission is to literally turn your trash into treasure, and keep as much waste out of our landfills as possible. Materials such as reclaimed lumber, old lobster trap wood, recycled paint, drift wood, reused packaging materials and even trash collected off the shore lines are included in the majority of our handmade art products.

The idea to use recycled materials came naturally, because at the time its all I had! With the dream of bringing my traveling goals to life my first Tiki Sign was created. That ways I'd never forget where I'd been or where I wanted to go.

Our Mission is to keep as much useful materials out of our landfills as we possibly can...your purchase helps us do that! 

Our Contribution

Marion Art Co. is dedicated to saving our local lagoons and beaches. as time passes, trash piles up and we see a decline every year. To help accelerate our recycling mission, a portion of each sale is donated to help with ocean conservation to save our Florida lagoons.

We are involved in as many ways as we can, not only do we use in-house refurbishing and recycling, but we also provide local sponsorships, beach cleanup services, non-profit partnerships, and education though art galleries and exhibitions.

Thank you, Marion Speake

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