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Fine Art

Have you ever imagined Just leaving everything you know and Traveling the country?!

Well that Exactly what Marion does. She's a full time traveler going from Art Shows in Virginia Beach to Seafood Fests in the Carolina's to Nautical Markets in Islamorada and the list is never ending.

In 2019 before we were hit with Covid-19, Marion attended 42 shows. Forty frigging two! That's 42 weekends out of her year she spend traveling from show to show. It's just about everyone's dream life! i mean getting paid to travel and do what you love? who doesn't want to hop on that train? or better yet who has the guts?

 Marion believes in a Philosophy "art is a pure Luxury, nobody needs art, you have to want it." The luxury that comes with Marion's Art besides the terrific detail and talent is her Story! Being in her Early twenties, an entrepreneur, full-time traveler, a creative that actually followed her dreams in life despite what the world had to say.

Marion came from nothing and turned her talent into something! Shes driven and self motivated with passion!


Marion loves selling in person at her shows because she gets a chance to meet all of her customers, share her story and inspire others to FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS!!!


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